Confidence through healthy skin

Confidence through healthy skin

Confidence through healthy skin

We are a provider of highly effective Aloe Vera products including our flagship product the Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel. We ensure not just high, but more importantly, effective Aloe Vera content in each product to fully capitalize on Aloe Vera’s natural healing properties. This is done through meticulous proprietary manufacturing methods that ensure the Aloe Vera’s nutrients are preserved along every step of the manufacturing process from plant harvesting right up to filling.

Given the wide ranging applications of Aloe Vera Gel, the Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel has helped to improve the lives of many people. At Jorubi, we pride ourselves on always putting our customers’ interests above ourselves. Extensive research and study has gone into every single product that we introduce into the market so as to ensure only the best quality and proven results.

What we believe in

At Jorubi Aloe Vera, we have been in the business of Aloe Vera since the early 1900s. Jorubi believes in the immense healing and natural restorative abilities of Aloe Vera, and that Aloe Vera is able to:

Support natural skin cell regeneration

Has anti-inflammatory

Stimulate cell renewal
and healing

of the skin

Our goal is to create products which are able to realize the full effects of Aloe Vera’s amazing natural healing abilities onto your skin, giving you sustainably healthy, glowing and confident skin.

We enhance our products’ potency by infusing them with Aloe Vera Polysaccharides to enhance our products’ ability to accelerate your skin’s natural healing processes and constant cell regeneration.

In our skin care range, we add other natural actives that will further enhance the effects of Aloe Vera, leading to improved skin texture and visibly better skin. Our Aloe Vera moisturizer gives you healthy skin that glows from inside out.

The Jorubi Story

In the 1950s in the warm state of Texas, the Aloe Vera plant was known as a popular grandmother’s remedy to bring relief to cuts, burns and insect wounds from the harsh desert environment. Most Texans living in the area even dubbed the plant “relief in a leaf”.

Texan couple Joe and Rubi discovered that Aloe Vera could also offer various other benefits and that the plant had the most profound healing and moisturizing effect when used as skin care.

The couple developed the signature Jorubi Aloe Vera gel by taking great care to manually extract the Aloe, taking only the best ingredients. They found their product could transform tired and dry skin into healthy, glowing skin.

Today, the legacy of Joe and Rubi’s discovery lives on in the Jorubi brand. Dedicated to unleashing the full healing and moisturizing effects of nature through Aloe Vera, Jorubi offers a truly sensorial skin care experience.

But don’t take our word for it- feel it for yourself!

Jorubi Aloe Vera products are manufactured from quality Aloe Vera pulps

Mature leaves are harvested and promptly transferred by refrigerated trucks from the Rio Grande Valley to the processing plant in Dallas. On reaching the processing plant, the Aloe Vera leaves are unloaded and processed as follows

The leaves are washed in a special disinfectant and bactericide to rid them of any field or handling contamination.

The leaves are rinsed in clean running water.

Each leaf is then individually hand-stripped and filleted to eliminate pieces of green rind and most of the yellow sap, producing clear Aloe fillets.

The clear Aloe fillets are collected in stainless steel vats and channelled through steel pipes to mixing tanks (also made of stainless steel) where, through a Jorubi special proprietary process, the fillets are cold stabilized to retain most, if not all, of the nutrients and other beneficial elements present in the Aloe Vera. Careless processing of fillets could result in benefits being lost.

The stabilized Aloe Vera is re-piped to some more stainless steel tanks and then transferred to compounding departments where the Aloe Vera is formulated in the Aloe vera gel.

The products are finally channelled through separate stainless steel lines for packaging.

The Jorubi difference

Strict quality controls are exercised to ensure that consumers are getting Aloe Vera products of superior quality, with high and effective concentrations of Aloe Vera in every product.

1. Ensuring quality by:
a) Hand processing
Each leaf of the Aloe Vera plant harvested is carefully hand-picked and filleted. This method is laborious and time-consuming but ensures that all the active ingredients are retained and that there is minimal disruption of the Aloin layer.

b) On-site proprietary processing
The Aloe Vera plants are processed using our proprietary stabilization methods on-site immediately after being picked. The method of processing as well as the critical 2-hour window processing time is crucial in preventing loss of biological activity.

2. Pure Aloe Vera juice used
Using the dry powder would be more economical and cost-effective and many products that claim to contain Aloe Vera are using the dry powder. However it is the pure juice that best retains Aloe Vera’s natural efficacy.

3. Aloe Vera juice instead of water
In most skin care products, water is used as the product base and often makes up more than 70% of the product composition. In our products, we use pure Aloe Vera juice in place of water. The result is, of course, pure Aloe Vera gel with maximum healing potential.

pure aloe vera gel

4. Boosting of product efficacy with high-molecular-weight Aloe Vera Polysaccharides
Aloe Vera gel is separated from the rind of the plant by filleting an Aloe leaf and separating the inner gel from the outer leaf rind and the sap contained within the rind. The inner gel is then homogenized, extracted with alcohol, and further processed to yield a high molecular weight complex carbohydrate. Our processes isolate high-molecular-weight Aloe Vera Polysaccharides with the most biological activity.

These high-molecular-weight Aloe Vera Polysaccharides have been proven to tremendously accelerate healing processes and promote constant cell regeneration.